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What is this site?

  • The single most comprehensive online film school on the net
  • Free information on every aspect of filmmaking
  • A portal to all the web's useful filmmaking sites.
  • An option if you can't attend an expensive film school

Be bold! Don't let ANYTHING stop you!

Do you want to learn to be a filmmaker? Well ... you can.


How do I get started as a filmmaker?

  • Take a little time to learn the basic filmmaking skills. It's surprisingly easy.
  • Learn storytelling. It's an important skill for a filmmaker.
  • Find other people interested in making films and get started.
  • Then don't give up. Persistence is the number one ingredient in a successful filmmaking career.

Still think you need to go to film school?

Online Film School - your first free lesson

What are the film school secrets to becoming a fimmaker without spending thousands on film school?

Read articles in this online film school that interest you, study movies and access all the in-depth information linked to from this site. Select from recommended books, DVDs and other filmmaking resources scattered throughout this site to fill out your knowledge.

You also need to get out, meet other filmmakers. Ask questions. Volunteer to help on film sets. You can contact me directly with specific questions.

And, of course, you'll need to make movies! You do want to be a filmmaker don't you?

Most people imagine filmmaking is mostly about making films ... directing actors, shouting "action" and "cut" and all the glamour. While that is part of the job, in actuality that phase is about 5% of the time spent.

The biggest part of the indie moviemaking job is the development, or scriptwriting, phase where filmmakers typically spend months to years looking for ideas and writing screenplays until they have a great script to film.

More time is spent in pre-production gathering the resources, people and money, required to make the film.

The exciting production phase of filmmaking, when the motion picture actually gets made using video cameras or other film equipment to do the cinematography, often lasts only a weekend to a few months. But round-the-clock activity takes all the energy you can muster.

The post-production phase of filmmaking can go on for months of editing and assembling the most effective presentation of the story.

The final step is getting your film into the best distribution channel so you can start to collect the rewards of your efforts.

Most successful filmmakers have several filmmaking projects in various phases of completion at any given time so the phases are all overlapped. Many story ideas are in development at the same time as a finished screenplay is in pre-production and a finished film is still showing at festivals.

Movie-making is one of the most exciting things a person can be involved in. Sound like fun? Great! Then read on. Let's start your free film schooling.

Goals and Plans: Your first step is to come up with some Goals and a Plan. All successful filmmakers started with some goals and a plan. Many of them used the same plan. There's no big secret to it. You'll learn the tried and true road in this section. (And then I'll let you in on the secret underground new way to cut through the crap and get your film financed and into distribution with a fraction of the effort.)

Buzz: Next you need to understand what is involved in marketing and selling a film so you make sure your Great Idea is one that can be sold. Read this section to understand the important first steps necessary to improve the chances that your movie gets seen.

The Great Idea: You don't like boring movies, do you? No one else does either. The one, single key to success as a filmmaker is coming up with a truly Great Idea for a story. That's one thing that everyone in the movie business agrees on.

You can have the biggest stars, the best direction, special effects, music, you name it, but if the story is lame you've got a flop! On the other hand if the story idea is truly great then even inexperienced actors and obviously low-budget production values won't stop people from wanting to see your movie.

The Screenplay: Finally your Great Idea has to be turned into a great screenplay that will attract the talent and financing you'll need. This is such an important element that I devote more material to this subject than any other.

As Robert Rodriguez says:

Stop aspiring, start doing.

See you in Hollywood - be scary!

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