Your Film Needs A Dolly Shot

Dolly Shot

Dolly Shot - photo credit: Reinis Traidas

A Dolly Shot Can Make Your Film Look Pro

One of the biggest differences between your film and a big Hollywood production is the lack of a dolly shot. Most low-budget films use static tripod or shaky hand-held shots whereas most big-budget films include some real smooth dolly shots.

A Dolly Shot Alternative To The Wheelchair

You’ve probably heard people suggest renting a wheelchair as a cheap dolly alternative. But what about if you want to do a really smooth 360 degree shot around a central object or actors?

IndyMogul has posted a great video with not one, but two designs for 360 degree dolly shot devices. Check it out.

As a bonus you will see two really easy ways to create very convincing alien eggs for your next Sci-Fi epic. Good shots and convincing special effects aren’t necessarily hard or expensive. They just take time and imagination.

What Solutions Have You Found For the Dolly Shot?

Leave a comment if you have a clever idea for doing a film dolly shot.