Screenplay Story Ideas Source – Family Reunions

Screenplay Story Ideas

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A lot of great movies, especially comedies, are based on family reunions: Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most common.

I’m Surrounded by Screenplay Story Ideas

I haven’t been posting lately because I’m at a family get together in the Boston area and I’m realizing what a rich source of screenplay story ideas these evens can be. This is my wife’s family and it isn’t any more dysfunctional than the average family but there are still a ton of possible screenplay story ideas here.

Every family has at least one black sheep who marches to a different drummer and perhaps they have children who are still angry about how they were raised. Bingo! More screenplay story ideas. Then there’s the perfect couple with no secrets to hide — but what secrets might be hiding in their closet. Ka-ching! That story should get you an Oscar!

Good Screenplay Story Ideas Are About Conflict

What family members don’t get along with each other? There’s the start of your story. What are the great stories the are retold at every get together? Does your family have some great ones? For a really simple example try reading Truman Capote’s short story A Christmas Memory.

What Screenplay Story Ideas Can You Think Of In Your Family?

Truly great screenplay story ideas are everywhere.