Chicken Powered Camera Stabilizer

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Search for the Perfect Camera Stabilizer

Filmmakers are often trying to simulate what a walking or running person sees without much success. The human visual system has the ability to fixate for a moment on important objects in order to understand them before jumping to the next item. Everything around the important object is actually somewhat out-of-focus.

Chickens have highly refined visual systems that are able to maintain very constant attention on one point even as the body is wildly moving in all directions. What about using a chicken as a camera stabilizer? Sound crazy?

Just carrying a camera with out any kind of camera stabilizer results in very jerky motion that can result in motion sickness in the audience. Using one of the gyroscopic or gravity powered camera stabilizers results in a very fluid motion that doesn’t have the jerky motion but also isn’t accurate to what the human mind perceives because it is too smooth and feels like flying.

Since chickens have such an ability to focus on one point at a time you might think they would make a great camera stabilizer. Well, not everyone would think that.

Here’s someone who has attempted to use a chicken as a camera stabilizer. What do you think?

Have you got a better idea for a camera stabilizer?