Indie Filmmaking Trends – Part 2

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Filmmaking Trend 3: Micro Niche Marketing – Social Networking

This filmmaking trend follows in the footsteps of an entire underground industry that has grown up in the last 15 years of individuals or very small companies creating websites dedicated to small specific niches where the right targeted advertising can create substantial income for them. The methods used by these little companies are just beginning to be understood by other industries.

The use of social networking sites to promote niche interests is getting to be pretty well understood by the studios but most indie producers are just getting started.

Realize that no single film is going to appeal to everyone. Rather than trying to create such a film the smart producers are looking for small niche interest areas with passionate followers who will come to a film that features their area of interest as well as helping promote the film to others who share their interest.

This is a filmmaking trend that every indie producer should be learning how to exploit.

Facebook may today be the single best way to promote a film. Learn how to use Facebook and the hundreds of other popular sites on the web that allow you to add your own content and you can ride this filmmaking trend to fame and riches.

Filmmaking Trend 4: Increased Role of Festivals

Finally, I see that the role of film festivals will only increase as indie producers take bigger roles in finding theatrical and other forms of distribution.The importance of networking within the filmmaking communities has always been vital to success and nothing has changed that.

The importance of film festivals are another filmmaking trend that will only continue in the years ahead.

Leave a comment. What do you see as a top filmmaking trend happening now?

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