Promoting Independent Films

Promoting  independent films has never been easier thanks to the Internet. The process will cost you mostly time so be sure you cover all the bases. But get started early. It takes time to build a following of rabid fans.

Your Website for Promoting Your Independent Films

promoting independent filmsCreative Commons License photo credit: Brian McConnell

First and foremost you need to set up a web site of your own for promoting your independent films. This should be on your own server with your own domain name. I have had great success with HostGator.

This will probably cost you $100 plus the services of a web designer. There are many excellent designers available all over the world will to work cheap. Just search on Elance.

Make sure you have a place for people to submit their email address and remember to send out frequent email newsletters to keep your followers informed. Here’s a great example of the kind of film promotion site you want to put together by Hunter Weeks.

Among the free channels you need to cover are setting up a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page. I won’t go into details as there are many resources to help you with these.

You will surely have some video footage so set up your own YouTube channel and post clips frequently. Make sure you overlay the url of your film’s website into the videos so viewers can find their way back to you.

MySpace isn’t what it used to be but still is important for anyone promoting independent films, so set yourself up on MySpace, too.

Finally, search for film and movie related blogs and forums. Offer to guest post on blogs that allow guest posting and become active on any forums where you might pick up some followers.

Also, if you don’t understand how to do any of the things I have mentioned in this post, search Google for the term I used and you will find lots of resources.

Search Google for “promoting independent films”

Scads of web sites are full of ideas that have worked for other filmmakers promoting independent films.

Check out the websites of the top studio films that are being heavily promoted through TV advertising. Your fans will compare your website to these expensive sites so they are the competition. If you can’t do something as fancy then do something original or more personal that will allow you to connect with fans.

What methods for promoting independent films am I missing?

Leave a comment. What other methods do you know of for using the Internet in promoting independent films?