Degree In Film + Hustle = Success

degree in film

Andy Landen

Andy Landen still hasn’t finished his degree in film, an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, but he’s already well on his way. A product of his times he has a string of web hits already including Do Whatever for Subway with half a million views on My Damn Cannel and After School Club. He’s even collaborated  on a feature film, Carried in the Whale.

Degree In Film A Bonus

This young Canadian got interested in filmmaking while making videos of his younger brother’s skateboard antics. His interest in video pushed him to learn on his own and to develop a unique style of his own.

Unlike many young wanna-be filmmakers Andy wasn’t operating on the assumption that a degree in film was going to be his ticket to a job. He had already found his passion and going to film school allowed for a more disciplined approach to perfecting his knowledge.

He admits that USC is only beginning to understand about creating content for the web and is still very restrictive about allowing student to post work online. But Andy is undaunted because he just loves to create entertaining stories that can be told in 3-5 minutes. This is the spirit that creates a career in the entertainment industry. A degree in film alone does not.

Lack Of Degree In Film Not An Issue

Andy is already on his way to commercial success and is bubbling over with more ideas that are getting him noticed even without a completed degree. In the entertainment industry it’s what you do that counts, not a piece of paper, although he admits that it was through USC that he got the opportunity to do some of his work that was shown at the SXSW festival. Andy understands you must exploit all the opportunities that come your way.

Before you sign up for a film making school thinking that degrees in film will get you jobs think about Andy Landen. He exemplifies the kind of enthusiastic “can-do” spirit, with or without a degree in film, that will create careers in the Hollywood of the future.

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