Film Schools In Los Angeles – Excessive Failure Rate?

Film Schools in Los Angeles

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Top Film Schools In Los Angeles

The two highly acclaimed Los Angeles film schools, at UCLA and USC, turn away most applicants each year for lack of room to handle them all. But what of the candidates that are successful at getting in? The dream of Hollywood fame and fortune is so strong that none of the many film schools in Los Angeles have any problem getting students will to pay the high tuitions.

Excessive Failure Rates?

It seems that all film schools, Los Angeles based or not, produce far more trained filmmakers than the film industry can really absorb. Leaving aside complaints of poor quality instructors and the huge time and money commitment required it seems that well over 90% of all film school graduates will never achieve a livable salary working in the film making business.

Just Film Schools In Los Angeles?

Actually film schools in Los Angeles probably have a better track record than the many university film schools that have popped up in every state and province in North America. But a Los Angeles film school degree still provides only the slightest edge when it comes to getting work.

I have written a new article discussing the top film schools in Los Angeles seeming failure to deliver on the dreams and hard work of their students.

If you are a graduate of one of the top film schools in Los Angeles tell us what has been your experience with finding satisfactory employment in the film industry.


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    los angeles is well know and reputed film school everyone know only its positive aspects. Thanks for sharing this article atleast i come to know what was exact reason behind its failure.