Online Film Schools – A Good Option For Learning?

Online Film School

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Is an online film school a good option for learning filmmaking? This is an important question because no matter where you are in your filmmaking career there is always a lot more you can learn.

When the great screenwriter William Goldman (Butch Cassidy, Princess Bride, Misery, etc.) first attempted to turn one of his novels into a screenplay he discovered that there was no information available on how to write a screenplay. No books, no classes and of course nothing on the Internet because it didn’t exist then. (By the way if you want to learn the truth about Hollywood and screenwriting read his hilarious bestseller book Adventures in the Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood and Screenwriting.)

Online Film School For Learning Facts

Today you will find tons of in-depth information on every aspect of how to make a movie in books and on the Internet. But are online film schools a good option for starting or continuing your film education?

Online Film Schools No Substitute for Doing

The fact is that an online film school is not going to give you the practical experience of the filmmaking process that is so vital to becoming a filmmaker. This is where live classes at film schools can be very helpful.

Depending on how entrepreneurial you are you can decide if you want the hand-holding of a good teacher or working with experienced professionals, or you can choose to simply teach yourself. Trial and error is a little slower but the learning will really stick.

Whatever route you take you will need to “get your hands dirty” and actually write/shoot/edit a film to truly understand what it take to be a filmmaker.

An online film school and other Internet resources offer a goldmine of information but nothing beats the actual experience of making a film.

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