Film Festivals – Who Needs Them?

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Sundance Fim Festival

Now that your film is finished the next step is to submit it to film festivals, Sundance in particular, and wait for the distribution offers to come pouring in. Right? WRONG!

First of all, “getting into Sundance” is not a distribution strategy. Lot’s of great films don’t get accepted to the Sundance Film Festival so your odds of getting in are slim at best. Of the films that do make it into any major film festival only a very small number of them get a distribution deal.

Film Festivals – Who Needs Them?

Festivals can get your film some exposure and are often a lot of fun but for most types of films you would be smart to try other means of getting distribution. Festivals tend to pick the films that their audiences like and that tends to be adult relationship and offbeat comedy films in my experience.

Some of the saleable genres seem to rarely make it into festivals. I’m talking about family, horror, sci-fi, action and thriller films. If your film falls into one of these genres, and is a really good film, you will probably never get into a top festival but you have a very high chance of selling the film.

Independent Film Distributors

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