Mise-en-scene: An Important Component of Filmmaking

Filmmaking is both an art and a science. It delves on technicalities and capitalizes on creativity to be able to achieve perfection in every shot, to communicate a message, and to touch the emotions of the audience. From lighting to music, it is paramount for filmmakers to establish the right environment and to captivate the attention of their viewers. In all of these instances, one of the most important is mise en scene. In English, it literally means place on stage. It refers to all of the visual elements that should come into play. It refers to the entirety of a given shot. It requires careful consideration of all that will be included in that shot, including the actors, the camera angle, and the background, among others.

A Reflection of Personal Artistry

It should be noted that mise-en-scene is a representation of the goals of the filmmaker, a manifestation of the style and artistry that is envisioned. From the asymmetry to the abstractions in the film, every element of the shot will have its own meaning. They should be carefully analyzed, and they should all be contributory towards achieving what the producer wants. Every prop must be carefully placed. Every actor must be strategically positioned in a frame. There is no such thing as random or spontaneous. The placement of all elements is carefully-planned.

A Result of Collaborative Effort

Another thing that should be noted about mise-en-scene is the fact that it is not the work of a single person. It is not only the director who establishes the scene. The prop master, set designer, cinematographer, actor, and even the makeup artists, will all assume a key role. To put it simply, it would refer to the overall look of the film, which is why everyone will be involved.

Check out the link here: 15 elements that are included in mise-en-scene to learn more. For the viewer, every shot may seem ordinary but for the filmmakers, it is a product of hours of research and preparation just to come up with the totality of a scene that satisfies all of their prerequisites.