Guerrilla Filmmaking 101

guerrilla filmmaking

photo credit: mononukleoza

Guerrilla filmmaking is defined as independent filmmaking on a very low budget using whatever you can find.

The risk of guerrilla filmmaking techniques is that you might do something that someone doesn’t like and they sue you for all you’re worth. But if your net-worth is zero, what do you have to lose?

Since many of the people reading this blog have budgets that will require guerrilla filmmaking I thought it would be fun to explore and share some of the techniques I’ve learned and get your feedback on what has worked for you.

Guerrilla Filmmaking Is An Attitude

More than just the grab-bag of techniques for getting your film done on the cheap, guerrilla filmmaking is an attitude of getting your film “in the can” no matter what it takes.

It works best, however, when everything is well planned. Start with an inventory of what you have, actors, props, locations and equipment, then make sure your script is written to use exactly those things.

Also think “safety” at all times. Just because you’re in a hurry never means you can’t take a few minutes to make sure everything you are doing is safe.

More to come from me, but until then …

What Guerrilla Filmmaking Techniques Have Worked For You?

Please share so we can all benefit.