Audio Production Tips For Indie Films

Audio Production

Lucy Walsh at the Indie Film Festival, Image via Wikipedia

You’ve got a great script, eager actors and are ready to start production–don’t scrimp on your audio production efforts. Nothing makes an indie film seem more amateurish than bad sound.

In my last post I covered how to put together a very inexpensive audio production tool kit. Now I’ll go over some of the basics of how to use the tools. [Read more…]

Bad Audio Production = Bad Film

Audio Production

Audio-Technica microphone Image via Wikipedia

There’s a funny thing about audio production in movie making. Audience members only notice sound when it is bad: dialog can’t be understood, music is too loud, background noise is bothersome, etc. And when the sound is bad many people will tell you that the lighting was terrible or the acting sucked and not realize it was the audio production that failed.

Movies are a total immersion experience and the typical audience member doesn’t realize what parts of the experience are most responsible for them understanding and enjoying the story. You might be surprised to learn that the effort put into your audio production is often more important than the images on the screen for telling your story.

Here are some suggestions for finding audio production equipment that may help you do a better job of storytelling in your next film. [Read more…]

Guerrilla Filmmaking Examples

Guerrilla Filmmaking Examples

photo credit: Sérgio Savaman Savarese

There are many guerrilla filmmaking examples that are well documented and are great sources for learning filmmaking.

Recent Guerrilla Filmmaking Examples

Among the best recent examples is Paranormal Activity which was produced for a budget of $15,000 and went on to gross $150 million. The first-time director, Oren Peli, used one video camera and shot the movie in his house. [Read more…]

Guerrilla Filmmaking 101

guerrilla filmmaking

photo credit: mononukleoza

Guerrilla filmmaking is defined as independent filmmaking on a very low budget using whatever you can find.

The risk of guerrilla filmmaking techniques is that you might do something that someone doesn’t like and they sue you for all you’re worth. But if your net-worth is zero, what do you have to lose?

Since many of the people reading this blog have budgets that will require guerrilla filmmaking I thought it would be fun to explore and share some of the techniques I’ve learned and get your feedback on what has worked for you. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 5D Mark II — A DSLR as the Perfect Filmmaking Camera

Canon EOS 5DIt’s not a cheap camera but it’s no more expensive, once you add in a lens, than a lot of digital HD cameras that really can’t match the image quality. The Canon EOS 5D is starting to show up on a lot of professional movie sets with good reason.

Even if you can’t afford the 5D, Canon has added high quality HD video capability to many of their digital SLRs at every price point. The large image sensing chips mean you get the shallow depth of field that is so prized in real 35mm filming but with all the advantages of digital production.

If you saw Iron Man 2 you may not be aware that the Monaco race car sequence was shot with a Canon 5D. That’s only one of many recent  big budget films that used a Canon digital SLR to film key sequences.

Read the full specifications and reviews to learn why the 5D has become so popular on some of the biggest film productions in Hollywood. [Read more…]