The Scandal of For-Profit Colleges And Film Schools

Film School no different than Cooking School

Film School no different than Cooking School

Last week a cooking school in San Francisco agreed to refund up to $20,000 in tuition to each of more than 8,000 students who were led to believe they would get high-paying jobs as chefs after they graduated. You’re wondering why I’m writing about a cooking school on a blog about filmmaking.

You came here wanting to learn more about filmmaking but you need to understand that you are at much at risk of be ripped off as those kids at “culinary arts” school. [Read more…]

U.S. Colleges For Film

Master List Of U.S. Colleges For Film


colleges for film

Filmmaking of 'Black Thursday' - Image via Wikipedia

I’ve just updated my master list of film making schools to include some thoughts about the effectiveness of getting a filmmaking degree from one of these film schools.

There seems to be more and more doubt amongst the people I’ve spoken to lately about the effectiveness of colleges for film teaching the skills needed for a career in filmmaking.

The time and dollars spent may not be the best way to go. [Read more…]

Film School In New York? – How NY Film Schools Stack Up

NYU's Tisch School of the Arts - NY Film Schools

NYU's Tisch School of the Arts - Image via Wikipedia

NY Film Schools – Any Better?

Last post I wrote about Los Angeles film schools and I feel I should give equal time to the NY film schools situation. Doesn’t seem a lot better. Although NYU’s film program brags about some impressive graduates the percentage who end up in satisfying careers in filmmaking seems to be very low.

NY Film Schools – Very Expensive

Pretty much everyone has an idea that living in the Big Apple is incredibly expensive. Being a student at a NY film school is also very expensive beyond just the very high tuition.

What are some options?

[Read more…]

Film Schools In Los Angeles – Excessive Failure Rate?

Film Schools in Los Angeles

Film Schools in Los Angeles - Image via Wikipedia

Top Film Schools In Los Angeles

The two highly acclaimed Los Angeles film schools, at UCLA and USC, turn away most applicants each year for lack of room to handle them all. But what of the candidates that are successful at getting in? The dream of Hollywood fame and fortune is so strong that none of the many film schools in Los Angeles have any problem getting students will to pay the high tuitions. [Read more…]

Film School’s Failure to Produce Filmmakers – Dirty Film School Secrets

Film School Secrets

Industrial Revolution Factory

An issue that has long troubled me is the well-known fact (at least within the film industry) that film school graduates rarely become successes in the film industry. Although film schools pump out thousands of graduates each year one of the dirty film school secrets is that less than 1% of them will ever make a feature film much less see any significant financial or career success in their chosen field.

The root cause is the basic nature of how filmmaking is taught within the university systems. Modern educational institutions are very good at teaching facts but very bad at nurturing creativity, personal initiative and entrepreneurship. To understand the reasons for this we have to back to the founding of public education in the early 1800s [Read more…]