Degree In Film + Hustle = Success

degree in film

Andy Landen

Andy Landen still hasn’t finished his degree in film, an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, but he’s already well on his way. A product of his times he has a string of web hits already including Do Whatever for Subway with half a million views on My Damn Cannel and After School Club. He’s even collaborated  on a feature film, Carried in the Whale. [Read more…]

Indie Filmmaking Trends – Part 2

Filmmaking Trend
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Filmmaking Trend 3: Micro Niche Marketing – Social Networking

This filmmaking trend follows in the footsteps of an entire underground industry that has grown up in the last 15 years of individuals or very small companies creating websites dedicated to small specific niches where the right targeted advertising can create substantial income for them. The methods used by these little companies are just beginning to be understood by other industries.

The use of social networking sites to promote niche interests is getting to be pretty well understood by the studios but most indie producers are just getting started. [Read more…]

Chicken Powered Camera Stabilizer

camera stabilizer

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Search for the Perfect Camera Stabilizer

Filmmakers are often trying to simulate what a walking or running person sees without much success. The human visual system has the ability to fixate for a moment on important objects in order to understand them before jumping to the next item. Everything around the important object is actually somewhat out-of-focus.

Chickens have highly refined visual systems that are able to maintain very constant attention on one point even as the body is wildly moving in all directions. What about using a chicken as a camera stabilizer? Sound crazy? [Read more…]

Your Film Needs A Dolly Shot

Dolly Shot

Dolly Shot - photo credit: Reinis Traidas

A Dolly Shot Can Make Your Film Look Pro

One of the biggest differences between your film and a big Hollywood production is the lack of a dolly shot. Most low-budget films use static tripod or shaky hand-held shots whereas most big-budget films include some real smooth dolly shots.

A Dolly Shot Alternative To The Wheelchair

You’ve probably heard people suggest renting a wheelchair as a cheap dolly alternative. But what about if you want to do a really smooth 360 degree shot around a central object or actors? [Read more…]