Degree In Film + Hustle = Success

degree in film

Andy Landen

Andy Landen still hasn’t finished his degree in film, an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, but he’s already well on his way. A product of his times he has a string of web hits already including Do Whatever for Subway with half a million views on My Damn Cannel and After School Club. He’s even collaborated  on a feature film, Carried in the Whale. [Read more…]

Guerrilla Filmmaking Examples

Guerrilla Filmmaking Examples

photo credit: Sérgio Savaman Savarese

There are many guerrilla filmmaking examples that are well documented and are great sources for learning filmmaking.

Recent Guerrilla Filmmaking Examples

Among the best recent examples is Paranormal Activity which was produced for a budget of $15,000 and went on to gross $150 million. The first-time director, Oren Peli, used one video camera and shot the movie in his house. [Read more…]