Film Festivals – Who Needs Them?

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Sundance Fim Festival

Now that your film is finished the next step is to submit it to film festivals, Sundance in particular, and wait for the distribution offers to come pouring in. Right? WRONG!

First of all, “getting into Sundance” is not a distribution strategy. Lot’s of great films don’t get accepted to the Sundance Film Festival so your odds of getting in are slim at best. Of the films that do make it into any major film festival only a very small number of them get a distribution deal. [Read more…]

Indie Filmmaking Trends – Part 2

Filmmaking Trend
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Filmmaking Trend 3: Micro Niche Marketing – Social Networking

This filmmaking trend follows in the footsteps of an entire underground industry that has grown up in the last 15 years of individuals or very small companies creating websites dedicated to small specific niches where the right targeted advertising can create substantial income for them. The methods used by these little companies are just beginning to be understood by other industries.

The use of social networking sites to promote niche interests is getting to be pretty well understood by the studios but most indie producers are just getting started. [Read more…]

Audio Production Tips For Indie Films

Audio Production

Lucy Walsh at the Indie Film Festival, Image via Wikipedia

You’ve got a great script, eager actors and are ready to start production–don’t scrimp on your audio production efforts. Nothing makes an indie film seem more amateurish than bad sound.

In my last post I covered how to put together a very inexpensive audio production tool kit. Now I’ll go over some of the basics of how to use the tools. [Read more…]

For Filmmaking Success – Start At The End

Filmmaking success doesn’t come easily but you will find it a lot easier if you heed these wise words.

A wise person once said to me:

To succeed at anything, start at the end.

What she meant was that you won’t ever get anywhere unless you start by knowing where it is you want to go, then you can draw a line back to where you are to understand how to get there. [Read more…]