Film Schools In Los Angeles – Excessive Failure Rate?

Film Schools in Los Angeles

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Top Film Schools In Los Angeles

The two highly acclaimed Los Angeles film schools, at UCLA and USC, turn away most applicants each year for lack of room to handle them all. But what of the candidates that are successful at getting in? The dream of Hollywood fame and fortune is so strong that none of the many film schools in Los Angeles have any problem getting students will to pay the high tuitions. [Read more…]

Degree In Film + Hustle = Success

degree in film

Andy Landen

Andy Landen still hasn’t finished his degree in film, an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, but he’s already well on his way. A product of his times he has a string of web hits already including Do Whatever for Subway with half a million views on My Damn Cannel and After School Club. He’s even collaborated  on a feature film, Carried in the Whale. [Read more…]

Let Amazon Sell Your Screenplay

Sell Your Screenplay

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Here’s a new possible channel for you to sell your screenplay that you probably wouldn’t have ever imagined.

Everyone knows Amazon as the king of cheap, online book sales that has branched out to sell just about everything. You may not know that Amazon also acts as a selling agent for many other retailers and manufacturers as well as a publisher for aspiring writers and filmmakers.

Now Amazon has gone very far afield to create Amazon Studios to help you sell your screenplay to Warner Brothers to be produced. [Read more…]

How to Break into Filmmaking

Break into Filmmaking

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Wanting to break into filmmaking? Put on your networking hat.

Use Film School to Help Break into Filmmaking

I’m not a huge fan of film schools. They are getting a lot better on average as filmmaking equipment gets cheaper but they are still often expensive for what you get. But there are some clear advantages to going to film school.

One area where they can really help you, if you’re willing to do your part, is by helping you network and connect to current and future players in the film industry and ultimately break into filmmaking. [Read more…]

Make a Film This Weekend

I hear from a lot of people who say they want to be filmmakers but have yet to make a film.

What Are You Waiting For?

make a film

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Don’t have fancy equipment? Do you have any kind of video camera, even a cell phone that shoots video? Do you know anyone who does? Even if you can’t get your hands on a camera for a day you could at least draw an animation on paper.

The point is that the way to become a filmmaker is to start making films. Practice is what will make you good. Not making films because you don’t have the perfect equipment is just a way of stalling. Your first attempt to make a film won’t be perfect but each time you make a film you will get better.

You probably have everything you need right now except maybe the script. I’m even going to help you with that. This web site is full of all the other information you could possibly need to make a first film. [Read more…]