Filmmaker or Business Person? Common Misconception #1

Orson Welles, March 1, 1937

Orson Welles, March 1, 1937


If you are an independent filmmaker you probably see yourself primarily as a creative person. The major skills you focus on developing are around screenwriting and directing and you aren’t probably very interested in developing business and marketing skills.

 Big Mistake!

Orson Wells once famously said many years ago that filmmaking is 2% about making a movie and 98% about hustling. That is probably even more true today. [Read more…]

Bad Audio Production = Bad Film

Audio Production

Audio-Technica microphone Image via Wikipedia

There’s a funny thing about audio production in movie making. Audience members only notice sound when it is bad: dialog can’t be understood, music is too loud, background noise is bothersome, etc. And when the sound is bad many people will tell you that the lighting was terrible or the acting sucked and not realize it was the audio production that failed.

Movies are a total immersion experience and the typical audience member doesn’t realize what parts of the experience are most responsible for them understanding and enjoying the story. You might be surprised to learn that the effort put into your audio production is often more important than the images on the screen for telling your story.

Here are some suggestions for finding audio production equipment that may help you do a better job of storytelling in your next film. [Read more…]