Filmmaker or Business Person? Common Misconception #1

Orson Welles, March 1, 1937

Orson Welles, March 1, 1937


If you are an independent filmmaker you probably see yourself primarily as a creative person. The major skills you focus on developing are around screenwriting and directing and you aren’t probably very interested in developing business and marketing skills.

 Big Mistake!

Orson Wells once famously said many years ago that filmmaking is 2% about making a movie and 98% about hustling. That is probably even more true today. [Read more…]

Film Schools In Los Angeles – Excessive Failure Rate?

Film Schools in Los Angeles

Film Schools in Los Angeles - Image via Wikipedia

Top Film Schools In Los Angeles

The two highly acclaimed Los Angeles film schools, at UCLA and USC, turn away most applicants each year for lack of room to handle them all. But what of the candidates that are successful at getting in? The dream of Hollywood fame and fortune is so strong that none of the many film schools in Los Angeles have any problem getting students will to pay the high tuitions. [Read more…]

Degree In Film + Hustle = Success

degree in film

Andy Landen

Andy Landen still hasn’t finished his degree in film, an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, but he’s already well on his way. A product of his times he has a string of web hits already including Do Whatever for Subway with half a million views on My Damn Cannel and After School Club. He’s even collaborated  on a feature film, Carried in the Whale. [Read more…]